Medical Device Product Focus

Sensor Solutions

Catheter based sensors, 1F size ( 330 mm x 120 mm)

Pressure and Temperature options

Disposable Sensors / AAMI Compliant

Media Isolated options


Interconnect & Flex Solutions

Miniature Pins & Receptacles for Fine-Pitch

Spring Pins / Omniball Spring Load Contacts

Flexible Circuits / Wearable Devices

Disposable Medical Sensors


Connector Solutions

Board to Board and Board to Wire

Flex Printed Circuit Connectors (FPC/FFC)

Non-magnetic Connector

I/O low cost disposable connectors


Cable Solutions

ECG and Sp02 Cable options

X-Ray Harness Cables

Reagent Pick-up Tube

Custom Solutions for any application


Power Solutions

DC-DC Medical Certified PCB Converters

AC-DC Medical Certified Supplies

             Single & Multiple Outputs

15W  to  2000W  Solutions 


Power Cords

Medical Grade Cord Sets & Power Cords

North American Hospital-Grade

International Plug Options

Power Strips and Power Accessories