Our success derives from a dedicated team of hard-working, creative professionals that are passionate about our industry & dedicated to our clients.

Outside Sales

Mark Peterson

In 2005, Mark assumed the role of President and Owner of Johnson Company and is committed to providing the same great service that Johnson Company has been proud of for over 30 years. Mark attended college at the University of Minnesota, majoring in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics. After several years working in the aerospace field, Mark moved to a local injection molding and tooling company where he managed both the sales and engineering efforts of the company. After a number of successful years, Mark made his final transition to Johnson Company in 2000. Mark and his wife, Dianna, live in Blaine with their three children.

Trent Brown

Trent comes to Johnson Company with 15 years of sales experience in the electronics industry. After he received his Bachelor of Arts in Physics he began his career as a District Sales Manager for a major connector company in our industry. Trent also has 9 years as an independent sales representative in the local Minnesota market, specializing in various electro-mechanical products. Trent has expertise in navigating through large corporations and following through to get the sale. In 2010, Trent joined Johnson Company and is responsible for Northern and Southeastern Minnesota.

Brian Nyberg

Brian graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He started out traveling the country as a field service engineer before moving into an electrical engineer position that included product, system and PCB design for nearly 20 years. He then spent over 3 years in a field sales role as an account manager at Future Electronics. At Johnson Company, he will be combining that previous experience as a Sales Engineer, with an account base focused in Minneapolis and North Dakota. Brian and his wife, Becky, live in Centerville with their daughter.

Bob Mundahl

Bob comes to Johnson Company with over 30 years of electronic accomplishments. Bob has focused his career in passive, electro-mechanical, interconnect, power and the turn-key solutions space of the electronics industry. Most recently, Bob was managing the central U.S. as the Regional Sales Manager for a manufacturer of electro-mechanical switches and devices. Bob brings to Johnson Company a complete skill set - sales, customer relationship development, manufacturing, technical advice and design, and real world experience in providing solutions and value-added benefits for all parties. Bob lives in Apple Valley with his wife.

Mitchell Peterson

Mitchell is our Field Sales Representative, who will be focusing on distribution based customers and ROW accounts in the MN territory. Mitchell joins Johnson Company with experience in several different channels of sales. Mitchell worked retail sales at Best Buy for over seven years in many different positions, including sales management. More recently, Mitchell worked inside sales at Arrow Electronics and field sales with Quist Electronics. Mitchell's keys to success are a strong work ethic and commitment to building strong relationships. Mitchell resides in Maple Grove during the week, but is lost in the woods or on a boat on the weekend. For those of you who may be curious, the only relationship between Mark and Mitchell is they work for the same company and have one of the most common last names in Minnesota.

Andrew Bielski

Andrew comes to Johnson Company with several years of experience, resulting in dynamic sales achievements.  Andrew earned his BA degree in Marketing at the University of Minnesota Duluth. He was first introduced to the semiconductor industry in 2012, when he joined Future Electronics.  After 3 years with Future Electronics, he started his association with Honeywell Electronic Materials for four years.   Andrew's experiences make him an excellent addition to the Johnson Company team.  In his off time, he enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing, biking, snowboarding and spending time at the cabin on the water.

Troy Herzog

Troy is our Channel / Sales Manager, he brings 28 years of distribution experience with several different companies.  He still has the "get it done push" and spends all of his time calling on distributors; so, please use his knowledge.  Being 100% distribution, Troy understands and supports all needs coming from the channel.  Troy and his wife have 2 children.  He enjoys spending most of his time off and weekends with his family, which has expanded to include grand kids, doing outdoor things.  A true Minnesotan, he can often be found at the lake.   

Chris Jones

Chris has grown up in the local Missouri area, attending high school in an eastern Kansas City suburb and then University of Missouri in Columbus, MO.  For the last 8 years, Chris has worked for 2 different electronic distribution companies.  He stared started with a broad-line component firm and then spent his recent years at a specialty distribution company focused on  connectors and cable assemblies. When not working or traveling throughout the territory, Chris enjoys coaching baseball in the summer and keeping up with his wife, four sons, and 2 dogs!   

Mike Reynolds

Mike comes to Johnson Company with an extensive background in sales and engineering. Mike has a degree in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics from Marquette University.  Mike has held positions at Emerson Electric, White Rogers Division, as well as, Account Management at Pioneer-Standard, Arrow Electronics and Avnet.  He is responsible for Western Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska territories.  Mike lives in St. Louis with his wife, two daughters and the family dog.  When not working, Mike's hobbies include making steak butter

Fred Schlapman

Fred comes to Johnson Company with over 30 years of sales and marketing experience in the electronics industry.  He has his BS and MS in Electrical Engineering and worked at Texas Instruments and ST Microelectronics in Dallas, TX before moving back to Wisconsin in 1991.  Since that time, Fred has worked for local manufacturers’ representatives selling a variety of electronic products.  Fred joined Johnson Company in 2020 and is responsible for the Milwaukee Market. Fred currently lives in Brookfield, WI with his wife Lori and has two daughters.   Fred is our honorary Cheesehead who grew up in Green Bay and is an avid Packer fan and home beer brewer.

Kevin Chisholm

Kevin comes to Johnson Company with 20 years of sales experience in the electronics industry. After he received his Bachelor of Arts in Communications he began his career as a Field Sales Representative in Electronic Distribution. Kevin also has 9 years as an independent sales representative in the Illinois market and 5 years of direct OEM Sales. More recently, Kevin worked as RSM & Direct OEM Sales with Hatch Lighting. Kevin joined Johnson Company in 2020 and is responsible for the Illinois Market. Kevin and his wife, Carrie, live in Woodridge with their 2 children.

Casey Auen

Casey holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from North Dakota State University and has over 10 years of diverse experience. He started his career as an Engineer at a chemical processing plant in North Dakota before moving to Minneapolis in 2013. Prior to joining Johnson Company, he progressed through Design, Project Management, and Applications Engineering roles at a materials testing manufacturer where he led many custom projects. When he's not working, you can find Casey on the golf course or spending time with his family. Casey and his wife live in Bloomington, MN with their son. You may hear the name George Auen instead of Casey.  Different name - same person.  Fun family tradition makes him George the 5th and his son George the 6th.  So, George or Casey, he is part of the team.

Bob Gilbert

Bob brings a new aspect to Johnson Company with an MSEE degree from the University of Missouri and over 30 years of electrical/electronics design experience. Bob started out of college at Emerson Electric and has spent the last 15 year prior to Johnson Company at Graco, Inc. managing the Electrical/Electronics group for the Contractor Equipment Division. The combination of electronics and electro-mechanical systems is a natural fit, not to mention Bob was a previous customer of several Johnson Company's Principals for many years. Bob joined Johnson Company in 2011 and has recently semi-retired and handles only one key account directly, and then indirectly helps the rest of the team if a more technical aspect is required on sales calls.

Staff Engineer / FAE

Ken Glazer

Ken comes to Johnson Company with over 30 years of experience in the electronics market place in both engineering and field sales. Ken started his career as a Systems Design Engineer before moving into various technical sales positions. Ken has held a a variety of other positions including Fujitsu Companies Vice President with sales, marketing and engineering all reporting to him, as well as, General Manager for one of the FSP Technology group companies doing custom power supply business development. Joining Johnson Company allows Ken to get back to hands-on customer concept design work, ground level technical marketing efforts, and even full custom solution development efforts when required. A full CAD station, electrical test bench, and other electrical support equipment is planned to support Ken in this role within Johnson Company.

Inside Sales / Operations

Brian Mountin

Brian is Johnson Company's inside technical source. He comes with 18 years of technical inside sales experience in electronics, electro -mechanical, wire harnessing and value-add distribution. Prior to working in distribution, he worked as an IT specialist and also as a component level electronics repair technician. He has an Associate of Science degree in electronics. Brian lives very close to our office and is active in volunteering in local youth sports.

Sue Peters

Sue is Johnson Company's office manager and often the first voice you hear when calling. Her previous work experience includes managing several large call centers, as well as, employee benefits health care. Sue is involved in any aspects of the companies back office operations. With kids on both coasts and the mid-west, time outside of work is spent planning travel and putting together care packages for the wing-nuts.