Off Road & Off-Highway

Truck & Bus, Construction, Agriculture, Material Handling, Municipality, Recreation Vehicle & Marine

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DC Power Distribution

Main Power Distribution Modules (PDM)

Up to 400A Max Current Ratings

Hard Wired PDM Options

Battery Disconnect Switches

Commercial Vehicle Fuse Holders

DEF / AdBlue SCR Solutions & Fluid Level Sensors

Integrated Header Designs

Level / Temperature / Concentration

Complete Tank Solutions

Fluid Level Sensors

Ultrasonic Solutions

Top Down / Bottom Up

HMI Control Solutions

Full Contour Grip Assemblies

Joystick Controls

Electromechanical Switches

Capacitive Touch Switches

Sensor Solutions

Pressure / Temperature

Speed / Position / Rotation

Exhaust Gas / Oil Temp

Thermal Runaway

Connector / Cable Solutions

Up to 220A per pin solutions

IP67 / IP68 / IP 69K solutions

Molded / Harsh Environmental