(Mar '21) Interpower Virtual Trade Show Offers On-Demand Help to Engineers

Interpower wants to connect with you:

Due to global quarantines and restricted travel, Interpower offers its virtual trade show to help customers and industry professionals stay connected!

Current online hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am to 3 pm Central Standard Time.

You may also access Interpower’s full website for additional product support.

We are confident our virtual environment will help you learn more about our North American and International cords and cord sets, including hospital-grade cords and sets, inlets and outlets, outdoor outlets and power accessories—and our industry-unique 1-Week Lead-Time!

You may also access videos, product-line information, and white papers with a single click! And please don’t forget about our “Quick links” where you can access each category directly.

Digital Access to All Your Cords & Cord Sets from Interpower®