(Mar '20) OTTO Engineering Designated Essential Business During Illinois Executive Order

OTTO’s COVID-19 Status

during Illinois Executive Order


Last Friday, March 20, 2020, the Governor of Illinois issued a stay-at-home order for the state through April 7th. This Executive Order directs non-essential businesses to close, bans all gatherings greater than 10 people and orders the majority of citizens to stay home.

This order exempts essential businesses and OTTO is designated an essential business. Therefore, OTTO will remain open and fully functional during the shutdown.

Normal channels of communication with OTTO are all open (phones, fax, e-mail, MS Teams). We are evaluating whether to have some employees work from home but regardless, it is business as usual. The Sales and Customer Service teams are equipped with all necessary mobile tools and have been instructed on how to operate during this period. Our engineering activities also continue to move customer projects forward.

Our supply chain remains stable and we anticipate we will be able to meet our customer’s requirements. We have fully implemented all precautions as directed by the CDC to protect our employees.

OTTO is a vertically integrated US manufacturer, we have a significant advantage over our competition that manufactures outside of our boarders, and that is an opportunity for you during these uncertain times. 

Should our position change in any way, we will notify you immediately.

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