(Feb '19) Mill-Max Introduces Solderless Press-Fit Receptacles

Solderless press-fit receptacles for circuit board interconnects introduced by Mill-Max

solderless press-fit receptacles board interconnects OYSTER BAY, N.Y. – Mill-Max Manufacturing Co. in Oyster Bay, N.Y., is introducing 10 solderlesspress-fit receptacles delivering flush mount solutions for achieving low-profile connections for a variety of interconnect requirements, all while maintaining a zero above board profile.

With the zero profile receptacles, Mill-Max has eliminated above-board connector protrusion, to help reduce overall package height. These receptacles have a precision machined, hexagon shaped flange pressed into the circuit board plated through hole until flush with the surface of the board.

No soldering is required as the pressfit forms a gas-tight connection with a properly specified plated through hole. After installation, the zero-profile board interconnects accommodate devices while minimizing overall interconnect height. They are for traditional and rigid backed flex circuit boards.

All the receptacles have an open bottom to allow leads to pass through, and are designed for a minimal overall length. The open bottom eliminates the need for precise lead trimming The smallest of the receptacles has a lead acceptance range of 0.008 inches with 0.013 inches in diameter. The largest accepts 0.045 inches at 0.65 inches in diameter.

These press-fit receptacles are precision machined from brass alloy and is fitted with a reliable multi-finger beryllium copper contact. The gold plating on the shell eliminates any issues with material skiving leading to bridging during press-fit into the circuit board.

For more information contact Mill-Max online at www.mill-max.com.