(Apr '20) Interpower Ramps up Production of Ventilator Power Cords

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OSKALOOSA, Iowa — NBC News is reporting that the government’s stockpile of Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) and other medical supplies is nearly depleted amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

President Donald Trump has asked governors to put their manufacturing warehouses to work to help with the situation.

An Oskaloosa business isn’t waiting for an order from the governor, it has already taken initiative, ramping up production of a product that helps patients staying in the hospital.

Interpower creates electrical cords for a number of products — including ventilators.

The company’s president says two weeks ago they got a call asking for a shipment of 1,000 ventilator cords. That’s when he knew demand would start picking up.

“We feel really good about something that’s obviously going to save lives….makes their stays in the hospital as fast and as successful as possible and knowing that, knowing you’re doing something that’s important to saving their lives and improving the quality of their lives feels really good,” said Bob Wersen, President of Interpower.

The company has been providing medical supplies to medical companies across the united states for years.

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